Congressional action to help families and stop COVID-19

My office has replied to 22,037 messages related to this public health and economic crisis. I know lots of folks are hurting, which is why I am continuing to push for another coronavirus relief bill.

That legislation has to include even more support for widespread and rapid testing, and the production of more personal protective equipment, so we can finally control this virus to save lives and save our economy. Other nations around the globe are already doing just that and have done a much better job of controlling the virus. We should expect nothing less from the United States as well.

But we also have to help people stay afloat as we get the virus under control. That includes emergency unemployment insurance, paid family leave, and help for state and local governments to avoid severe cuts to our public schools, roads, fire departments, public health agencies, and other essential services Kansans depend on.

Here is more information on the legislation I am supporting to address this crisis, and how our team is continuing to serve you:




Emergency relief legislation

I’ve already voted for three bipartisan emergency response bills that passed with broad support, which are now law.

These measures include:

You can learn more about some of this legislation here:

These are all crucial steps that we have to take to address this health and economic emergency. But given the enormous scale of this crisis, I know we can’t stop here.

As we continue this important work it’s very important to me to hear from you so I can best advocate for our community’s needs. Please take my survey to share your thoughts by clicking here.

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Serving you remotely:

Our offices in Washington, D.C., Overland Park, and Kansas City have transitioned fully to tele-work until further notice to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. While our offices’ physical locations will be closed, we will still provide a continuity of services for Kansans, including: 

  • Receiving and responding to telephone calls. If you need to speak to a member of our team, call:
    • Washington, D.C. - (202) 225-2865
    • Kansas City, Kansas - (913) 766-3993
    • Overland Park - (913) 621-0832
  • Helping you navigate the federal government: If you are having issues such as stalled tax refunds or difficulty accessing Veteran’s benefits, we may be able to help.
  • Responding to your concerns: The best way to contact our office is via phone or email.
  • Scheduling and taking meetings: Please note, as long as our teleworking policy is in place, we will conduct meetings via phone or video conference rather than in person.

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Answering your COVID-19 questions: Call with your Congresswoman

I've held six Calls with your Congresswoman so far to give our district an update on the coronavirus and to answer your questions. 

If you haven't been able to join any of our calls so far, you can:

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