Hi - I’m Sharice Davids, your representative in Congress. It’s an honor and a joy to serve you. 
I’m here to listen and make a difference for Kansas.
Below are some quick links on how we can stay in touch, how we can serve you, my work for Kansans, and more. Feel free to search and browse for more. 


Connect with Me:

It’s very important to me to stay connected with Kansans however I can. 
Whenever I’m not voting in Washington, I’m back at home listening to you. I also make it a priority to review your messages to me and to keep you updated on my work through email updates and on social media.
Contact me: Always feel free to share your views with me. We’ll send you a reply as soon as we can.
Join my email updates: Email is a good way for us to stay in touch. Learn about upcoming events, how my office can help you, and my work on your behalf.
Take my survey! I want to know more about your priorities for Congress. Please take my survey to share your thoughts with me.
Social media: We regularly post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be transparent and keep you updated. Like and follow today!
My offices: I have two offices in Kansas and one in Washington, D.C. Please always feel free to call or drop by. You can reach us in Overland Park at or (913) 621-0832 in Kansas City at (913) 766-3993. 
Upcoming local events: We regularly hold events throughout the district so I can hear your concerns and to connect folks with resources and help. 

Can we help you?

Folks often don’t know it, but one of my biggest jobs is to help you. If you’re having trouble with red tape in the federal government, we’re here to make government work for you.
Help for Veterans: We can help Veterans with backlogged VA benefits, health care issues, accessing GI benefits, and more.
Help for Seniors: We can help seniors who are having issues with Social Security, Medicare, and other federal government programs.
Help for Taxpayers: Are you owed a tax refund but still haven’t received it? Having other issues with the IRS? We may be able to help.
Help with Passports: We can help resolve issues with stalled passports, applications, and expediting.
And much more! We’re here to help with any federal agency - from the Department of Education to Labor. If you’re unable to access the services that you pay for with your tax dollars, please never hesitate to contact us.
Get help right away: 
Overland Park office: (913) 621-0832.
Kansas City office: (913) 766-3993. 


My Work for Kansans

Since taking my oath of office in January 2019, I’ve been working to make a difference for all Kansans. Scroll below to see a few things that I’ve been up to:

Making Government Work for Kansas: 

Folks are sick and tired of Washington games. I’m making it a priority to be open and available to every corner of our district, fight corruption, and work with people in both parties to make progress. 
o Bringing Kansas Voices to Washington: We’ve opened offices in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties and regularly hold public events to listen and connect people with help. And as of August 2019, we’ve replied to 25,610 constituents who contacted us on everything from health care to education.
o For the People: I strongly support H.R. 1, the For the People Act, to roll back the dominance of big money in our politics, fight corruption, and protect and expand voting rights. We should put power back in the hands of the people, not special interests.
o Kansas, not party: Kansans are very pragmatic and expect folks to cooperate whenever possible to deliver results. As of August 2019, 70% of the bills I’ve supported are bipartisan.

Lowering health costs and expanding access to care: 

Everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care. I’m working to protect people with pre-existing conditions, lower costs, and hold big drug companies accountable. 
o Protecting people with pre-existing conditions: I voted to rollback junk insurance plans that charge higher premiums for folks with pre-existing conditions, like asthma and diabetes. 
o Lowering health costs: I voted for bipartisan legislation to lower premiums and reverse political attacks on our health care system that are hurting patients.
o Affordable Prescription Drugs: I’m supporting legislation to hold drug companies accountable and bring more generic drugs to market to lower costs, which passed the House. I also believe Medicare should be able to negotiate for lower drug prices.

Investing in our infrastructure: 

I’m honored to serve you on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. I’m working in a bipartisan way to bring much needed economic development to our roadways, airports, railways, local water infrastructure, and more.
o Focusing on Kansas: I’ve made it a priority to advocate for our local needs, bringing the Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to our district to see Kansas projects in person. 
o Rebuilding for the next generation: I’ve voted to pass key funding to invest more than $70 billion in green, modern, job-creating infrastructure. That supports projects to improve and upgrade our roads and bridges, mass transit, and airports. 
o Safety and oversight: I’m Vice-Chair of the Aviation Subcommittee, which has taken a lead role on investigating the two international Boeing 737 MAX crashes. We’ve held several hearings on this issue and will keep pushing to ensure we have the safest airspace in the world.

Building a stronger middle class and an economy that works for all: 

Every Kansan should have access to a quality education and the same opportunities I was fortunate to have. That’s why my focus is to bring more opportunities to Kansas and build a stronger middle class.
o Supporting Small Businesses: I also serve you on the House Small Business Committee. Entrepreneurship is baked into the DNA of our district, and I’ve been working in a bipartisan way to help them grow and contribute to our economy.
o Stronger schools and skills training: I’ve supported increased funding and access to science, technology, engineering, and math education (STEM) so our kids will beprepared for new jobs. I’m also working to lower student loan debt and the cost of a college education.
o Bigger paychecks: Anyone who works hard and does everything right should be able to earn a decent living. I’ve voted to raise the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t been increased in nearly a decade, and fought to ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work.  


The Kansas 3rd Congressional District:

I’m honored to serve the Kansas 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Our district includes Kansas City, Overland Park, Spring Hill, Olathe, Shawnee, and more. If you’re not sure if you live in the 3rd district, you can click here to find out. 


About Me:

I was raised by a single mother, who served in the Army for 20 years. 
After graduating from Leavenworth High School, I worked my way through Johnson County Community College and the University of Missouri-Kansas City before earning a law degree from Cornell Law School. 
As a first-generation college student, I worked the entire time I was in college and understand the importance of quality public schools and affordable higher education. It is that foundation that allowed me to go on to a successful career, focused on economic and community development, which included time as a White House Fellow under President Barack Obama.
I want others to have the same opportunities to achieve their goals, which is why I've centered my career on bringing more opportunities to the middle class. In Congress, I'm putting Kansans first, working to limit the influence of special interests, and fighting to make health care more affordable and accessible to everyone. 
When I was sworn into the 116th Congress, I became one of the first two Native American women to serve in Congress. I sit on the Transportation & Infrastructure and Small Business Committees. I'm a resident of Roeland Park.