Meet Who We've Helped

Helping you is one of my most important responsibilities. If you’re having issues with federal government red tape, we’ll help however we can. That includes help with backlogged Veterans’ benefits, Medicare issues, stalled tax refunds, and more. 

Since January 2019, our office already helped recover more than $2 million for local taxpayers and assisted more than 1,500 Kansans. Below are stories from a few of the Kansans we've helped. 

“My husband served in Vietnam as a Marine Corps Sniper and served honorably. Unfortunately, his Agent Orange claim for Prostate cancer was denied before he passed. So, he was never able to appeal. In conjunction, his death certificate did not reflect the illness he died from, which was Prostate Cancer.

“I was very frustrated with the ted tape presented and never able to obtain any documentation by myself. With the help of Rep. Davids’ office, I received everything I requested. I’m grateful for the tenacity, persistence and motivation that left no stone unturned.”

- Betty Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas

“July of 2012 I was wounded in Afghanistan. Due to some miscommunications I did not receive the Purple heart. Over the span of seven years I have searched for someone willing to help but all have passed the buck. I stopped believing I’d find help at all. The people at Representative Davids’ office have done what no other would. As of this past Veterans Day I have thus been awarded with a purple heart. Thank you for all your help.” 

- Kyle Prellberg, Overland Park

Our office helped a local veteran from Overland Park, Kyle Prellberg.

“I was having trouble getting our tax refund. Had called the IRS number several times and did as instructed but never heard anything back. Received an e-mail on an update from Rep. Davids’ office at the bottom it stated if needed any help with anything to contact her office.

“After contacting her office and explaining our delay in our tax refund [...] 2 days later our tax refund showed up in the mail.”

- Larry Batliner, Overland Park

“My mother is a war veteran. The Veteran’s Administration approved her pension to help with her nursing home expenses. The VA did not release the funds and we waited and waited. Finally, the VA people told me to contact by Congresswoman for help, so I did. Sharice Davids’ website says her office liaisons with federal agencies. The person I spoke with said he had contacts within the VA office and agreed to help me. Sharice Davids’ office got Mom’s funds released 48 hours later.”

- Janet Smith, Overland Park 

Gary Friedman from Leawood applied for his first passport ahead of his family's trip to Israel, but due to an error with the name on his driver's license, he wasn't issued his passport. He contacted the passport agency and didn't hear back for over six weeks. So Gary reached out to our office, and after receiving help from one of our caseworkers, his passport arrived a little over a week later.

Watch Gary open his passport here

“My wife passed away at the end of this March. Since I had paid ahead for her Part B Medicare, I tried to get a refund of that money. I contacted Medicare. They told me I needed to contact Social Security. So I did that. And they told me that I needed to contact Medicare. Seven phone calls later without any success, I decided to contact Congressperson Davids. […] Within two weeks I received a refund for my wife’s Part B.

"Everything was handled so smoothly and courteously. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Congressperson Davids’ office. I truly appreciate their efforts on my behalf.” 

- William Heinz, Shawnee

“I am the President of the board of a PTS recovery program for veterans and first responders called The Battle Within. We applied for our 501(c)3 status last year, and were coming up on a point where without having this we might lose out on grant funding for another year. I was able to reach [..] Ms. Davids' office to see what assistance we might be able to get. 

"Within a month we had our 501(c)3 approved, and we are on our way having served 78 individuals this year, and with grants flowing in to provide services to more!” 

- Dail Blake, Prairie Village