Davids Appointed to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee

March 17, 2021
Press Release

Representative Sharice Davids has been appointed to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC), a bicameral Congressional Committee responsible for reviewing economic conditions and recommending improvements in economic policy.


“We are in the middle of the worst economic crisis in a generation, and it will take Republicans and Democrats working together to help our economy not just recover, but come back stronger,” said Representative Sharice Davids. “I’m honored to serve on the Joint Economic Committee as we work to address this crisis and rebuild our economy in a way that works for Kansans and people across the country.”


The JEC, which was established by the Employment Act of 1946, is comprised of ten members from each the House and Senate. There are ten Democrats and ten Republicans on the Committee who perform a variety of tasks, including holding hearings, performing research, and advising Members of Congress.