Davids Calls for Firing of Postmaster General

August 13, 2020
Press Release
Earlier today President Trump admitted to purposely sabotaging the USPS to make it harder to vote

Representative Sharice Davids (KS-03) today called for the firing of Trump campaign donor and recently appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, following politically-motivated attacks on the institution. Last week, DeJoy made a series of changes to the operation of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that are predicted to cause serious problems and delays ahead of an election when more people are expected to vote by mail than ever before. And earlier today, the President admitted he is purposely sabotaging the USPS to make it harder for people to vote.


“The Postal Service is critical to our economy, our seniors and veterans who count on lifesaving medications, our small businesses that need to ship their products, and even to our democracy," said Davids. "It also employs nearly half a million Americans, many of them veterans like my mom, who have risked their lives during this health crisis to make sure people all over the country have the supplies they need. I will not stand by while this President and his cronies try to tear apart this constitutionally-mandated and extremely popular institution piece by piece in order to serve their political agenda. The American people have lost all faith in DeJoy’s ability to lead the Postal Service and he must be removed immediately. We need new, nonpartisan leadership so the Postal Service can continue to deliver for the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.” 


Davids, whose mother has worked for the Postal Service for nearly 20 years, has long been a proponent of the USPS and has advocated for funding for the institution in each COVID-relief package.