Davids Calls for Legislation to Protect Midwestern Communities Following Historic Flooding

July 1, 2020
Press Release

Following last year’s historic flooding, Representative Sharice Davids called for the inclusion of several bills to help protect Midwestern communities in an upcoming legislative package to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act. 


“Kansans and all those who live along the Missouri River know just how much devastation floods can cause in our communities – and it’s only gotten worse in recent years. Congress needs to act quickly and implement a proactive approach to flood management that will protect our communities from potential destruction. I’ve outlined several wide-ranging steps we can take right now to mitigate the effects of flooding along the Missouri River, and I urge Congressional leaders to include these measures in upcoming legislation,” said Davids. 


Kansas faces one of the highest flood risks in the country and was deeply affected by flooding last spring, which damaged over $15 million worth of infrastructure and produced $3.8 million in federal flood insurance claims.


In a letter to House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure leaders, Davids outlined potential solutions the challenges communities in Kansas, as well as in Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska, are facing in response to flooding along the Missouri River. These include:


  • Establishing a Missouri River flood prevention program, which would allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to study, design, and construct water resource development projects and provide flood protection to affected communities;
  • Supporting the Upper Turkey Creek Project, a joint effort between the City of Merriam, USACE, and Johnson County Public Workers to control flooding in the region;
  • Bolstering the USACE’s Safety Programs to help preserve and improve flood protection contributions by well-built and maintained levee systems;
  • Authorizing the five-year Kansas River Basin watershed study being conducted by the USACE, Kansas Water Office, and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to develop a long-term plan for the Kansas River basin’s water resources and infrastructure;
  • And authorizing the USACE to study the lower Missouri River to evaluate ways to reduce flood risks and improve infrastructure.