Davids Examines Coronavirus Impact on Kansas’ Small Businesses

March 10, 2020
Press Release

During a House Small Business Committee hearing today, Representative Sharice Davids examined the impact of the coronavirus on Kansas’ small businesses and discussed additional measures Congress could take to offset economic hardship for workers and businesses.


This hearing comes in the wake of Congress’ $8.3 billion emergency funding package, which enables the Small Business Administration to make an estimated $7 billion in low-interest loans to affected small businesses.


“For small businesses in Kansas and across the country, the coronavirus has the potential to cause devastating financial hardship that would have a ripple effect throughout our economy. These businesses make up the backbone of our communities, and we have to ensure they are properly supported and protected,” said Davids.


Davids shared a story of a small business owner in Overland Park who is worried about how decreased sales could jeopardize her businesses’ future – leaving her unable to cover rent, pay her bills or get groceries.


“Preventative measures to help contain and mitigate the coronavirus are essential for public health and safety, and have to remain our priority. But we cannot overlook the possible impact of this epidemic on our economy and small businesses, which are so vital to Kansas’ Third District,” said Davids.


To watch Davids’ remarks during the hearing, click here.