Davids Votes to Save Postal Service Amid Unprecedented Attacks

August 22, 2020
Press Release
Davids Also Demands Action on Coronavirus Relief Legislation
Today, Representative Sharice Davids voted for the Delivering for America Act to save the United States Postal Service (USPS) from unprecedented attacks on the institution. The bill rolls back disastrous changes made by Postmaster General DeJoy, which have caused long delays impacting Kansas families, seniors and veterans. It also provides the USPS with emergency funding so it can continue to operate without any chance of interruption.
“Kansans are relying on the United States Postal Service more than ever right now – from seniors and veterans who count on it for lifesaving medications to our small business owners who need to ship their products. It also employs over half a million Americans, many of them Veterans like my mom who has been a postal worker in Kansas City for nearly 20 years. This Administrations’ attacks on our Postal Service for their own personal and political gain are beyond unacceptable – and today I joined my House colleagues to ensure that we support the Postal Service and the countless people in this country who depend on it. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to take up this vital piece of legislation right away,” said Davids. 
Postmaster DeJoy implemented several changes at the USPS that have caused long mail delivery delays. That includes the removal of nearly 700 mail sorting machines which DeJoy has said he will not bring back, and curtailing overtime work that helps ensure all mail is delivered on time. And while pandemic has dramatically weakened USPS finances, the President has said that he’s blocking USPS funding to make it harder for people to vote. 
“While I was glad to vote on this critical bill to support the Postal Service, I am disappointed that congressional leaders did not use the House coming back into session as an opportunity to vote on new legislation to deal with the ongoing health and economic crisis. Kansans are rightly demanding action on both fronts, and I’ll keep pushing for that,” said Davids. 
The Delivering for America Act would: 
Prohibit the USPS from implementing or approving any changes to the operations or service levels that were in effect on January 1, 2020.
Require the USPS to treat all election mail as first-class mail.
Provide $25 billion in emergency funding so the USPS can continue to operate without any chance of interruption. This level of funding was recommended by the USPS Board of Governors, which are all Trump appointees.