House Passes Davids-Backed Legislation to Improve Aircraft Safety

November 18, 2020
Press Release
Legislation Comes in Wake of Committee Report on Boeing 737 Max Crashes

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act, legislation backed by Aviation Subcommittee Vice-Chair Sharice Davids to improve aircraft safety in the wake of two Boeing 737 MAX crashes. 


The Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act is based on recommendations from a Committee report on the Boeing 737 MAX, which lays out serious flaws, missteps, and inconsistencies in the design, development, and certification of the aircraft. The 737 MAX entered into service in 2017 and suffered two deadly crashes within five months of each other that killed 346 people. 


“The 346 victims of the Boeing 737 MAX crashes and their families expect and deserve Congress to act to make sure the mistakes that led to those tragedies never happen again,” said Davids. “This bipartisan bill will strengthen aviation safety and accountability and help pilots and flight crews do their jobs safely and efficiently. I was glad to see my House colleagues come together today to pass this critical legislation, and I urge the Senate to do the same.” 


Davids questioned former Boeing President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg in October 2019, which helped inform the committee report’s findings.