Rep. Davids Supports Bills to Ensure Federal Employees, Low-Wage Government Contractors Impacted by the Shutdown Get Back Pay

January 9, 2019
Press Release

Rep. Sharice Davids today announced her support for bills that would guarantee back pay to furloughed federal workers, and low-wage government contractors such as retail, food, custodial and security service workers who are not getting paid during the current federal government shutdown.

“There are more than 19,000 federal employees in the Kansas City metro and many other contractors who are not at fault for this shutdown mess and shouldn’t bear the burden of Washington’s partisan dysfunction,” said Davids. “Our civil servants and contractors need to support their families and we need to make sure they get paid for the important work they do.”

In her first act after being sworn-in, Davids voted last week on a compromise measure to reopen the government. That measure continues funding for departments that are currently closed at current GOP-supported levels and has passed the Senate with bipartisan support less than a month ago.

Davids met recently with local representatives of the American Federal Government Employee Union to hear about how the shutdown is impacting people in the Kansas third congressional district and is talking regularly with constituents. If you’re being affected, please let us know.