Rep. Sharice Davids’ statement on Boeing 737 MAX final report

September 16, 2020
Press Release

Today, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released its final report on the Boeing 737 MAX. The report lays out the serious flaws and missteps in the design, development, and certification of the aircraft, which entered commercial service in 2017 before suffering two deadly crashes within five months of each other that killed a total of 346 people, including eight Americans. Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on Aviation Rep. Sharice Davids questioned former Boeing President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg in October 2019, which helped inform the report’s findings.

Davids released the following statement:

“Our investigation uncovered serious problems in the FAA’s safety certification process and revealed that Boeing repeatedly put profit over safety in the development of the 737 MAX. The 346 victims of both tragic crashes and their families now expect and deserve Congress to act. We must strengthen aviation safety and transparency and hold corporations much more accountable so that the tragedy of the Boeing 737 MAX is not repeated.”

Read the full report here.