Help for Taxpayers

Get help right away: 
Overland Park office: (913) 621-0832.
I know that taxes can be a burden on families and small businesses. All hardworking Kansas taxpayers deserve to be treated equitably and fairly.
That’s why my office is here to help Kansas taxpayers however we can. Here you can learn more about how we help and other helpful resources.


How We Can Help

My local offices in Overland Park and Kansas City, Kansas are dedicated to helping Kansans fix problems they may be having with the federal government.
That includes helping local taxpayers with federal tax issues. We may be able to help:
Recover stalled tax refunds.
Correct issues with how the IRS calculated what you owe.
Small business owners address their tax problems.
Navigate the appeals process if you believe the IRS made an unfair decision.
Address bureaucratic logjams like lost or mistaken paperwork.
Setup a payment plan.
Get more timely answers to your tax questions.
Connect you with free, local, and public resources for further assistance.
These are just some of the ways we can help. And if we can’t help you directly, we’ll do our best to find someone who can. We’re here to serve you. 
Get help right away: 
Overland Park office: (913) 621-0832.

Bringing Help To You: Virtual Pop Ups

Our team regularly held Pop Up office hours throughout our community before the coronavirus pandemic. This way good way to be in all corners of our district to more conveniently serve you in your neighborhood. Now we're continuing to hold our Pop Up Office Hours virtually to getting help to people.
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Get help right away: 
Overland Park office: (913) 621-0832.


Helpful Resources for Taxpayers:

Additionally, you may also look through these resources for further assistance.
IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center in Overland Park: If you need additional help and need to speak to someone for specific questions, call (844) 545-5640.
Find the status of your refund: Here you can use the IRS tool “Where’s my Refund” to find your refund’s status. Though the IRS reports most refunds are issued within three weeks, delays are possible.
Free help: Taxpayer Advocate: The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that’s here to help taxpayers resolve issues they may be having. If you need individualized help, this may be a good place to start.
There’s a local taxpayer advocate office in Witchita. Here’s their phone number and address: 
(316) 651-2100
555 N. Woodlawn St.
Bldg. 4, Suite 112, Stop 1005-WIC
Wichita, KS 67208
File for free: Many Kansas taxpayers may be eligible for file their taxes for free under their Free File program. The IRS reported this initiative saved taxpayers $1.5 billion in filing costs in 2017.
Free preparation help: Qualifying taxpayers may also be eligible for free assistance to prepare their returns. 
Get an extension: Sometimes life gets in the way of your best laid plans, and before you know it you must file a tax extension. Click to learn more about how to do that.
Know your rights: All taxpayers are entitled to certain rights. If you believe you’re being treated unfairly, learn more about your rights here.
Get help right away: 
Overland Park office: (913) 621-0832.