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August 20, 2019 In The News

There is new evidence about rising drug costs in the Kansas City metro area.

A Congressional report found that Medicare clients in Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas paid $16 million for their insulin in 2016.

And it's probably more than that now.

Jessica Brown's 11-year-old son has been on insulin for most of his life.

August 7, 2019 In The News

A weekend of violence in Kansas City and mass shootings across the country left Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II with heartache he’s felt many times before, he said at an event in Midtown Wednesday night.

“And painfully, I know that it’s going to happen again,” Cleaver said, “and it will continue until there is a revolution in the way we do politics in our country.”

August 5, 2019 In The News

Following shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend that killed 29 and left dozens more injured, first-term Rep. Sharice Davids issued a call for the U.S. Senate to reconvene to take up gun safety legislation.

July 30, 2019 In The News

It was hot, the room was crowded with cameras and a long line of people waited with requests for Rep. Sharice Davids, the Kansas Democrat, who was busy working, head down.

It may sound like Washington, but no.

July 17, 2019 In The News

Rep. Davids advocates for Kansas City-area infrastructure needs, brings House Transportation and Infrastructure Leadership to Kansas Third District. Rep. Sharice Davids advocated for Kansas City-area infrastructure needs during a Third District visit from Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chair Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR-04) and Aviation Subcommittee Chair Rep.

July 11, 2019 In The News

When Sharice Davids defeated the four-term incumbent representative of Kansas’ 3rd District in 2018, she made history twice in one night.

“I feel like it’s still a surreal thing to think about,” Davids said. “What it was like to find out that I won and have us literally jumping up and down and screaming.”

July 5, 2019 In The News

GARDNER, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District Representative wants to help the state’s military veterans get jobs, education and healthcare.

June 5, 2019 In The News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s plan to move hundreds of federal research jobs out of the Washington area— possibly to Kansas City— has triggered a backlash from scientists and other agriculture stakeholders.

June 5, 2019 In The News

House votes on rules to begin debate on legislation are typically party-line tests. But when nine Democrats voted Tuesday against the rule for an immigration bill, it was a high-water mark for Democratic defections this year.

Still, Democrats are more unified on such votes than the House majority party has been in all but two years of the last decade. 

May 22, 2019 In The News

The entire Kansas congressional delegation and a bipartisan contingent of Missouri lawmakers threw political weight behind a proposal to relocate to the Kansas City area units of the U.S. Department of Agriculture with more than 300 employees each.